Wipeout Protective Gear

Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear

Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Helmets for Bike Skate & Scooter. Use the fluorescent markers to create your own designs. Sturdy and stylish helmets available in a variety of colours. Each helmet comes with 5 dry erase, non-toxic markers in assorted neon colours and a stencil kit with 8 awesome shapes.
Meets key industry safety regulations
Wipeout helmets are dual certified for kids ages 5-to-11 for use on bikes and roller sports.
  • Dual Certified: Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards.
  • ABS hard-shell construction for durability

Wipeout Helmet - Black

Age 5+ 49-52cm (19.25″-20.5″)
Age 8+ 52-56cm (20.5″-22″)

Wipeout Helmet - Pink

Age 5+ 49-52cm (19.25″-20.5″)
Age 8+ 52-56cm (20.5″-22″)

Wipeout Helmet - Teal

Age 5+ 49-52cm (19.25″-20.5″)
Age 8+ 52-56cm (20.5″-22″)

Wipeout Protective Pads

Knee, Elbow & Wrist Guards
Wipeout drawing

Dry Erase Pens

Kids love to draw, so let them express themselves and be creative! The Wipeout helmets all come with 5 coloured dry erase markers and a stencil kit that allow kids to draw what they want. When finished or want a new design, hust wipe off with a dry cloth.

Draw on… wipe off… draw again!


Multisport Protection

Wipeout helmets are designed for use accross a multitude of roller sports and can be used for Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, Roller skates and Inline skates (roller blades)

Wipeout Distribution

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