HomeCourse Golf Pro Screen

Now you can Play golf safely in your home with HomeCourse®

The Premier Indoor Golf Simulator Enclosure

Create an indoor driving range — at the click of a button — with the newly upgraded HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180. Designed by experts, this premium golf simulator enclosure (simulator not included) is perfect for golfers looking for a safe way to play inside, at home, or in the office. And for stores or facilities, the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 is the teaching, training, and practice tool for golfers and trainers that’s in a category of its own.

    • Pro Arms & Sky Net keep you in play
    • Hit a live ball, then let it roll back to your feet
    • Retractable allowing you to get your room back
    • Projectable to play your favourite golf course
    • Wireless so there are no messy cables
    • Mounting options made to fit your space

Only HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 lets you use a real golf ball — worry free — when playing or practicing indoors. The Sky Net and Pro Arms create a three-sided, topped enclosure to help contain errant shots or sh**ks (we dare not say it) – protecting you, your space, and everyone in it. And with the included Pro Arm Extender tool, you can easily fold out both or one of the enclosure’s sides (and close one for righties or lefties). When you’re done, the sides fold right back in.

Both the screen and side netting of the Pro Arms are made of specialized ballistic-grade material that’s specially designed to absorb the impact of a golf ball hit by a full-swing shot at point-blank distance. Built for extended durability, the ProScreen 180’s screen ingeniously flexes at the bottom so the ball rolls back to your feet. All you need is enough room to swing freely, and you’re good to let it fly.

A powerful lithium-ion battery and a fully wireless design make the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 sleek as ever. Operating for months on a single charge, the wireless screen retracts with one touch from its — also wireless — remote.

Mount it on your ceiling, wall, or on our Pro Rack. All you need is 8 feet of clearance and the mounting option that works best for you.

Serious upgrades for serious players

Dimensions & Requirements

The all new HomeCourse® Pro Screen has two (2) distinct configurations. 180º to ensure maximum project-ability or 8 ft wide with 3 ft pro arms to fit into smaller spaces. It must be installed at approximately 8 feet from the floor. It’s okay to have a little bit of slack so the ball can roll towards you after you hit it. You can stand as close to the screen as you can where your club won’t hit the ballistic-grade screen or anything behind you (we recommend 12 feet front to back). Choose a mounting option and you can turn virtually any space that’s 8’ H x 14’ W x 8’ D into a home golf experience.

Package Dimensions & Weight: 257 x 34 x 28 cm; 39 Kilograms


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