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Welcome to Second Chance Ltd, an industry leading sports and technology distributor with demand generation expertise. We can help grow your sales whether you are a new start up, an emerging brand, or already established within the market.

With over 30 years experience working with CE and sports retail and over 10 years experience with Amazon, operating within the EMEA territory and across the globe, Second Chance are perfectly positioned to help you reach your business goals.

We’re involved in all sports categories, currently working with brands in golf, cycling, football, tennis, fitness, fishing and more. We provide end-to-end solutions for bringing brands to market and have successfully partnered with many emerging sports and technology brands who have all benefitted from our wealth of experience in demand generation and long-established relationships with key retail partners.

What you can expect from our distribution services...

What makes Second Chance different?

We’re more than just a box mover, we’re a distributor PLUS!

Amazon Gold Level Supplier

With 80% of product searches online starting on Amazon, making the right impression on this platform is now an cornerstone for any successful brand. We are very proud to be recognised as an Amazon Gold Level Supplier, a level reached by our Amazon turnover and consistent outstanding performance over the past 13 years. This opens an exclusive marketing suite for AMS and AMG, premium content customisation, a personal account manager and many more benefits which allow us to dominate the categories in which our products sit.

Brand Management

We deliver responsible sales channel management and enforce continuity in branding with the help of an agreed brand style guide. We have over 31 years experience managing the product-life-cycle and will work with you to agree the best practice for placing your product to sell.

Marketing and Demand Generation

Getting your products in the right places is only half the job, we help you to build a buzz around your brand so that people are actively searching for your products and are met with positive on-brand messaging throughout the customer journey. We have a talented and multi-lingual in-house marketing and design team who can support you in PR, social media, website design, email strategy, content creation and more.

Industry Leading Sales & Marketing Technology

We work with sophisticated software packages to build sales and brand equity. Whether it’s our sales team utilising the power of Salesforce, our support team giving world-class customer service with the help of an aggregated CS portal or our marketing department creating cross-platform social media campaigns on the most flexible community man-agement software; we use the latest technology to differentiate our offering from the rest.

Import and Export Expertise

We have warehousing and manufacturing relationships in the UK, China, and the USA. Our buying team can advise you on the most efficient way to produce, test and import/export your stock.

Open Trading Accounts

We work with the best in the business, from the largest retailers on the planet to the small sports specialised club stores, and everyone in between. Our established relationships with the right buyers allow us to deliver your product to market in an controlled omnichannel approach, at the right time and in the right place.

What does our name say about us?

Second Chance Logo

If you’re wondering why we’re called Second Chance Ltd, we started out buying used lake golf balls and giving them a second chance by sorting, cleaning and reselling them. With consumer demand continuing to grow for products which are kinder to the environment, this remains an important part of our business to this day. The name stuck and has become a recognised name in the sports industry for a distributor who deliver high-quality, best-in-class products to millions of happy customers worldwide.

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