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Tested & Trusted by Tiger Woods
Team Full Swing

The only launch monitor with tour-level accuracy trusted by Tiger Woods.

With the integration of advanced radar technology and a high-resolution camera, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor offers 16 precise data points and crystal-clear video to analyze your swing. Endorsed and inspired by Tiger Woods’ standards, this monitor seamlessly combines unparalleled processing power with unmatched accuracy, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals.

  • 16 points of Radar-Powered Club & Ball Data
  • High-Resolution Video from Built-In Camera
  • Customisable App Layout & Views of Data
  • Normalised & Actual Data on Dispersion Charts

Built to be taken to and from the course with a quick and easy setup to get your practice started faster.

What Tiger has to say about the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor
Tiger Woods

Kit Launch Monitor

  • ABSOLUTE ACCURACY – Using the most innovative radar technology in golf, get 16 points of data and see every swing in perfect clarity using our on-board high-resolution camera.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE INSTANT FEEDBACK – Everything you could ask for, all included on the free and easy to use cloud-based app.
  • PLAY GOLF IN YOUR HOME, FASTER – Set up your indoor or backyard golf studio quickly to see your shots simulated across 100+ courses, practice areas, and mini-games using e6 Connect Software with your iPhone or iPad.
Full Swing Details

16 Points of radar powered club and ball data included:

Tour-level accuracy across the measured data metrics that you or your instructor can review to see what you need to work on to start playing your best golf.

• Carry Distance • Total Distance • Spin Rate • Spin Axis • Face Angle • Face to Path • Attack Angle • Launch Angle • Ball Speed • Club Speed • Smash Factor • Club Path • Horizontal Angle • Apex (Height) • Side Carry Distance • Side Total Distance.

Full Swing Kit - Front
16 Data points
Connect with IOS devices
Full Swing profiles


Your range sessions don’t need to end because the sun goes down, practice as long as it takes to get ready for your next big round with a lithium-ion battery chosen to last longer.


You need to see your golf swing in high resolution to best analyse what’s happening. We went with a camera for just that and made sure you can review and share to make the adjustments that count.


We built the Full Swing KIT to be able to fit in your golf bag, so you can take it with you in its protective case and always have a free hand for your next bucket of balls.


No more alignment sticks, levelling calibration issues or stickers needed here. Set your Full Swing KIT down, select a club and align to your target using our video alignment feature with on-unit buttons or with your app in seconds.


See the instant feedback on our customisable OLED screen after each swing, or using on-board wifi & Bluetooth, hear it on your headphones, take a quick peek at your Apple Watch or really dive in with your iPhone or iPad, with our app, it’s up to you.


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Full Swing KIT Refund Policy – UK

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