Tru-Tension is a UK based manufacturer of tools and care products specially designed for the motorcycling and motorsport industry

Tru-tension developed the world’s lowest wear drip lubricant as scientifically proven by Zero Friction Cycling and affiliated by BBC’s Dragons’ Den investor Touker Suleyman.

Products are suitable for any level of expertise from inexperienced riders, daily commuters, or competitive racers.

Reasons why to consider stocking Tru-Tension:

    • We’re the brightest, most exciting brand on the shelves!
    • All lubricants and cleaning products are designed and manufactured in the UK.
    • Featured on the UK’s Dragons’ Den and backed by Touker Suleyman – international appeal.
    • Independently proven to have the best performing drip lubricant on the market.
    • Huge growth of the brand, with considerable investment behind advertising and brand awareness.
    • We do things differently (like adding banana fragrance to our products!).
    • Bright, loud and creative store stands available.
    • We’re ahead of the curve; leading with innovation and guided by data.

BananaSlip all weather lube

Cycle All Weather Lube (50ml)
Product Code: BC009

BananaSlip Tungsten All weather lube

Cycle All Weather Lube (50ml)
Product Code: BC005

Cycle Break cleaner

Cycle Brake Cleaner (500ml)
Product Code: BC015

Cycle Clean and Lube Bundle

Cycle Clean & Lube Bundle
Product Code: BC014

Cycle Maintenance Spray

Cycle Maintenace Spray (500ml)
Product Code: BC016

Cycle Snow Foam

Cycle Snw Foam (500ml)
Product Code: BC017

Monkey Juice Gel Bike Cleaner

Cycle Gel Bike Cleaner (1 LTR)
Product Code: BC009

PrimeShine Cycle Drivetrain Cleaner

Cycle Drivetrain Cleaner (500ml)
Product Code: BC010


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