360 Degree Lights – 350g Lightweight – IPX5 Waterproof – Maximum Ventilation

Helmets have come a long way since you were a kid.

It’s time to take them even further.  

Traditional helmets only protect you in case of a crash. Today’s cyclist deserves a smarter helmet, with active protection to help prevent crashes before they happen.

That’s why 7 years ago, LIVALL set out to design the perfect smart helmet. With LED warning lights and SOS alert technology for a new generation of cycling safety.

Today LIVALL brings you the crowning achievement of that dedication — the EVO21.

Brighter and lighter than any other helmet on the market.


  • Wide beam-angle front light
  • Patented fall detection
  • Serious impact protection
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Smart on. Smart off
  • 350g ultra-lightweight
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Ride in any weather (IPX5)
  • Four wear-resistant colours
  • LIVALL riding app
  • 2 size options (medium & large)


When you’re riding at night, the dangers are everywhere. The LIVALL EVO21 lets you keep your eyes on the road, instead of worrying about what’s behind you.

Wide-angle front lights and super-bright 270° rear lights are integrated into the helmet, maximizing your visibility even at long ranges, while smart LEDs signal to drivers what you’ll do next – stop, turn, or ride on through.

Plus, three dynamic light effects will make sure you get noticed on any street, improving your safety and helping you ride in style.


Get in sync with your cycle.

The EVO21 has sensors to detect when you’re slowing down or coming to a stop, and it automatically turns on the brake warning light on the back of your helmet.

Letting other riders and motorists know you’re stopping. And keeping you safe and secure, night and day.


Riding in the city demands your full attention – and both of your hands.

The EVO21’s turn signals operate the same way a car or motorcycle do, with super bright LEDs that signal your turn to drivers at the press of a button.

A remote on your handlebar communicates wirelessly with the EVO’s smart LEDs. Letting you keep your hands, and your attention, right where you need them.

LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet

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LIVALL EVO21 has features that may be able to assist in certain emergency situations but please be aware that LIVALL EVO21 cannot detect all falls, crashes or other medical issues which you may experience. LIVALL EVO21 should not be used as a substitute for any recognised, approved or accredited medical or personal monitoring devices, which may be able to assist in similar situations.

Using LIVALL EVO21 in some circumstances can distract you and may cause a dangerous situation (for example, taking a call while in motion). Observe rules that prohibit or restrict the use of mobile devices or any of the features provided by LIVALL EVO21 and enhance your safety and wellbeing.

LIVALL EVO21 is not intended for use where the failure of the product and its functionalities and any third party devices, software or other products could lead to death, personal injury or severe environmental damage. Please be aware that issues in transmitting calls to your emergency contacts may not derive from any failure in LIVALL EVO21 and its features but instead the devices with which it interacts, any third party service providers (including telephone network or data providers) or other issues such as a reduced battery life, lack of mobile or GPS signal. These issues may derive from your own devices or those of your emergency contacts.

The product and associated software comprising LIVALL EVO21 is for use in addition to, or as a supplement to, your existing and/or required procedures for fall protection/prevention or monitoring. As we make no guarantees that LIVALL EVO21 and its features will operate without interruption, delays, bugs or errors and accordingly you must not rely on it or replace any other safety or monitoring procedures/precautions you would normally use if you didn’t have LIVALL EVO21.