The key to great putting is practice.

The PuttOUT Alignment Sticks and Gates are similar to the pro putting gates but with two additional products. The alignment sticks for working on accuracy and the material plane fabric for working on stroke length. The three key products really give you a diverse amount of putting drills to help nearly every aspect of your putting technique.

Overhead Alignment – Work on your putting stroke to check the line of your backswing and follow-through. Viewing from overhead the straight line of the alignment stick will give you instant feedback on the path of your putter.

Putting Plane – Use the putting plane to groove in your swing. From setting the angle to suit your setup and putter to using the fabric material to help groove in the very best stroke.

Putting Gates – Coming with two premium gates designed to position the alignment sticks at certain angles (90°, 84°, 76°, or 70°). They can be used as a standalone product or with alignment sticks, to improve your accuracy.

Stroke Length – Once the product has been set up using the gates, alignment sticks, and material fabric. It can be transformed into a device ideal for measuring your stroke length, helping with overall distance control.

Alignment Sticks – The two alignment sticks can be used with or without the other products, and make a great standalone product in themselves. Set them up to help accuracy, ball position, swing path, and much more.

Premium Trainer – One of the advantages of using PuttOUT is how they can all be used together and the alignment sticks and gates do just that. Fitting nicely into the top of the PuttOUT Premium Trainer seamlessly.

puttout alignment indoor

PuttOUT premium pressure putt trainers come with two alignment sticks, two gates, one putting plane fabric, and four rubber and alloy spiked feet


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