The key to great putting is practice.

Measuring a total of 67 cm x 367 cm, this really is the PuttOUT Large Pro Putting Mat for those wanting to grind. Coming complete with alignment graphics, 10′ markings, and five independent targets, think of this as more of a ‘practice area’ for your home than a mere putting surface.

Practice Variety – With five independent targets and a selection of alignment lines and foot markings, the Large Putting Mat is more than a simple back-and-forth, it’s a full practice area for you to vary and change up your routine every time you roll it out.

Green Speed – Reading 10 on the stimp metre, the PuttOUT Putting Mat means you’ll be practicing on a medium-to-fast paced green away from the course, ready to take on any speeds throughout the season.

Rolls Flat – With extra-thick TPR rubber backing, this mat rolls flat straight out of the packaging, giving a consistently smooth and reliable roll, allowing you to focus on making your stroke the best it can be.

Giant Size – Measuring 90 cm by 360 cm is a nice big size to practice your medium to short putts. It’s also easier to store away and comes with a convenient draw-string carry bag.

Medium Pro Putting Mat – The PuttOUT Medium Pro Putting Mat is designed to give you the opportunity to practice every aspect of your putting game from wherever you feel most comfortable.

Slim Pro Putting Mat –Whether it’s a lack of floor space, you like to take your practice with you, or you’re just looking for the essentials, our PuttOUT Slim Pro Putting Mat should be right up your street. Measuring a mere 25′ x 240″ when rolled out, this little fella is good to go whenever or wherever you are


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